What is clinical supervision?

Working under supervision means the counsellor (social worker, occupational therapist, etc) use supervision to review their work in relation with their client, their professional development and personal development

Supervision is a professional service but not a managerial role. The supervisor is not the boss but rather a consultant.

  • Supervision supports for example the therapist to explore the therapeutic process.
  • To protect the client, to improve the ability of the therapist to provide their client the most valuable therapy.
  • To reflect on their own feelings, thoughts, behaviour and general approach with the client .
  • To reflect on how they relate to the client
  • Or generally the professional who needs to explore their professional development and relationship with their clients or professional environment.

What does the Supervisor provide?

The supervisor offers a climate in which the supervisee can feel understood, supported and challenged; as well as instructed and assisted in their counselling work. It is the supervisor’s responsibility to provide conditions that will help the supervisee to consider their experiences as subjects for reflection, elucidation and generating sources of knowledge.

Models of Supervision:

  • One-to-one (supervisor-counsellor)
  • Group supervision with counselling supervisor
  • Combination of the above modes of supervision

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