I am a graduate of BSc in Psychology and have a Masters of Science in Lifespan Psychology.

Qualified with a Master of Arts as an Integrative Humanistic Counsellor; Postgraduate Diploma as a Play Therapist and a licenced Yoga teacher. My interests are in creative art and somatic psychotherapy and research.

I am currently doing my training as a Clinical Supervisor.

As a result of my studies I believe that an integrative approach/therapy is the most beneficial, as it is adapted according to the clients needs.

I use a variety of therapeutic techniques, such as talking therapy – cognitive – creative – mindfulness.

Member of the UK, Greek, and International Society of Play and Creative Arts Therapies.
Academy of Play and Child Psychotherapy. Accredited by the Professional Standards Authority.
Registered Yoga Alliance Teacher. Eligible member of the British Psychological Society.

My full story

I was born in Rochford Essex, England, but grew up in Greece. I love both the United Kingdom and Greece.

I went to school in Greece but visited England once or twice a year. When I finished school I decided to study psychology in the UK. I moved to Wales in 2000, I studied and worked in wales for seven years.

I decided to study psychology in 1999; I felt a deep desire to help people in difficult emotional circumstances. So when I was 20 years old I went to university to study Psychology.After that I continued in a Master of science in Lifespan Psychology which covered lifelong human development not only in the micro-system, home or small community; but offered a wider insight of how the whole environment around us effects our psychology.

Although studying psychology was interesting and gave me a wider perspective of how people are wired, this was all theory.What I wanted is to actually help people who wanted to change their lives, who needed a helping hand to come out of a what they viewed as a trapped situation. So I decided to further my education into counselling therapy. From then on I started my journey as a trainee Counsellor.

At the same time I discovered Play Therapy, a therapeutic process that uses creativity to access feeling and self-expression not only for children but also adults. As I was always intrigued by art as a way of expression I decided to study Play therapy simultaneously.

I worked in Cardiff as a trainee Counsellor and Play Therapist in Stepping Stones – Child Consultants and Adult Counselling; I worked with adopted – fostered children and adults.As I took this root of both Counselling and Play Therapy and completed a postgraduate Diploma in both, I realised that each person is unique, therefore, decided to become an Integrative Humanistic Counsellor and in 2010 completed a Master of Arts.

During this time I had returned to Greece and the town in which I grew up, as I decided my family and life in Greece was what I preferred. I volunteered in the smile of the child for 5 years (Hamogelo tou Paidiou www.hamogelo.gr) a non-profit voluntary organization that also runs Community Homes and raises children of different ages. I worked with the children as a play therapist, as all children in the home have a traumatized history, therefore are always in need of therapists. Moreover I work with adult clients and children. According to the clients needs, both directive and non-directive. Always under the ethical framework of PTI and BACP. My basis as a counsellor is person centered, however I like to introduce a variety of therapeutic techniques, CBT, creative, mindfulness and more.

I have also worked in Athens synthesis centre as a visiting tutor/trainer. Directing seminars for additional development to counsellors and those working in caring departments. Some of these are: “using sand trays as a therapeutic tool”, “creative counselling skills” and more.

Furthermore I was first introduced to Yoga while I was studying and living in Cardiff in 2005. When I returned to Greece and my hometown it was difficult to find a yoga studio to suit my needs. So in 2012 I decided I wanted to develop my own yoga practice and took part in a teacher training. For the duration of the training I could not help but think how yoga would benefit my clients. I have been teaching (alignment) Hatha Yoga since then and bringing mindful activities to all my adult and children clients within the therapeutic environment since then.

Finally to conclude this past year I began training as a Supervisor (creative), as I realized this was also a great way to support professionals and their clients.

Work with me!

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